Reuben Ingall

Hi. I make music, usually with computers.

I've been making videos about my no-input mixing lately, on YouTube.

I make mashups and play DJ sets as Pav Dundee.

I presented an experimental music radio show called Subsequence (2011-2021, indefinite hiatus) - playlists on facebook, compilations on bandcamp

I organised a monthly experimental music night in Canberra called Soundscapes, 2017-2020.

I made a coffee-table photo art book called My Name In Piss.

I made a 26-episode radio series called SLOWTUNES about slowed-down music.

I have played in Otiose Trio, Central West, McClane, Inflatable Ingrid, Fight Fire With Knives, and others.

I master, mix and occasionally record artists, here are my credits.