Reuben Ingall


Reuben Ingall - NIMBY#4

Digital 2023

NIMBY#3 and #4 contain a mix of different no input mixing approaches I tried since the release of #2 in March 2020. #4 is a varied noise/drone collection. All tracks are live takes, using no input mixing techniques plus loop pedals. Some tracks have loops recorded off the radio, different configurations of loop pedals and a reverb unit within and outside the mixer feedback loops.
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Reuben Ingall - NIMBY#3

Digital 2023

NIMBY#3 and #4 contain a mix of different no input mixing approaches I tried since the release of #2 in March 2020. #3 is the “doof” collection. All tracks are live takes, most at home, some excerpted from performances. They all use no input mixing techniques plus loop pedals, and most feature "percussion": a kick drum loop from a cassette, or loops of touching my finger to the end of a lead (bzz!).
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Creap of the Crom

Pav Dundee - Creap of the Crom

Digital 2021

Mashes from 2021. More of my own production, more donk sample, more faster, more dumber. Each track has its own neural-net generated artwork.
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Pav Dundee​.​.​. DOWN UNDER

Pav Dundee - Pav Dundee​.​.​. DOWN UNDER

Digital 2020

Mashups 2018-2020.
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Reuben Ingall - NIMBY#2

Digital 2020

A second collection of recordings made with no-input mixing board, incorporating distortion pedal, loop pedal, and sometimes kick drum from a cassette tape. Many of the tracks are excerpts from live performances in early 2020.
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Untitled Rando Piano Patch FINAL

Reuben Ingall - Untitled Rando Piano Patch FINAL

Digital 2020

A two-hour recording of my generative piece for digital piano and sine tones.
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Reuben Ingall - Tuft

Digital 2020

About the joy of playing with sound, layering, improvisation and tactility. Pop-song track-lengths throughout.
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Reuben Ingall - Covers

Digital 2020

Fours covers of songs, mostly Canberran, mostly guitar & drums.
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Bottomless / Prayer

Reuben Ingall - Bottomless / Prayer

Digital 2019

Shepard tones have been an interest of mine since being challenged to code one for Computer Music class in 2006. I've since developed related/inspired techniques which I've used to perform different versions of these two pieces/ideas as far back as 2012. These are studio-versions/expressions, finally.
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Reuben Ingall - NIMBY#1

Digital 2019

Four unedited no-input-mixing-board improvisations recorded on the morning of 3rd August 2019, using four-channel mixer, overdrive pedal, loop pedal. Kick drum layered after.
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New Love Universe

BABYFREEZE - New Love Universe

Digital 2019

Fun tunes produced by Dead DJ Joke.
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Horizon Pixel / Moment Tile

Reuben Ingall - Horizon Pixel / Moment Tile

Digital 2019

Decelerangements / Tranceploitation
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Reuben Ingall - Hongymoon

Digital 2018

Field recordings made on honeymoon in Hong Kong, with musical sketches added including piano parts generated by pure-data patch.
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a slowed remix something

Reuben Ingall - a slowed remix something

Digital 2018

Slowed remixes including a decelerated Kelly Clarkson, a drone-doom Bonnie Tyler, plus ecco-jammy morsels.
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Reuben Ingall - Thread

Digital + embroideries + postcards 2018

Released on hellosQuare recordings - "...a glorious psych-folk masterpiece that seems broken at every step but held together by its soulful tones... a tapestry of mesmeric slow realisations, psychedelic in sound and pastoral in feel."
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Pav Dundee

Dead DJ Joke - Pav Dundee

CDR + digital 2018

A collection of mashups and remixes from 2015-2018
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Reuben Ingall - Fibre

Cassette art object + digital 2017

Released on chemical imalance. Limited edition of 25 transparent 'cassettes' filled with lentils (non-playable) + info handwritten on tape leader inside plastic zip-lock bag with typewritten text insert on thick natural fibre paper + download code slip.
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Sounding/Working Papers

Reuben Ingall - Sounding/Working Papers

CD + digital 2017

A live recording of a sound-translation of printed work from Caren Florance's Reading Spaces exhibition, presented as part of You Are Here Festival 2017. Limited to twenty copies each of three different covers with art by Caren Florance.
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Kill Climate Deniers

Reuben Ingall & David Finnigan - Kill Climate Deniers

CD + digital 2016

Released on Clan Analogue. More info on the Kill Climate Deniers site.
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Otiose Trio - Cartacoethes: the uncontrollable compulsion to see maps everywhere

CD + digital 2016

Released on hellosQuare Recordings. Rhys Butler pushes air into tone and texture as laptop whizzes Paul Heslin and Reuben Ingall contort and blur acoustic sound into digital pulse, wave, crackle and hum. Gorgeous CD case designed and hole-punched by Rhys Butler.
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TT02: Reuben Ingall / Logic Lost

Reuben Ingall / Logic Lost - TT02

Split cassette + digital 2016

Edition of 25 on Jakarta-based label Tandem Tapes.
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Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah

Reuben Ingall & Nick Delatovic - Jeff Buckley's Hallelujah

Digital 2016

A split single - two original songs concerning and titled after that ubiquitous cover.
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Reuben Ingall - Microclimates

CD + digital 2015

Edition of 50 released on Feral Media - comes in custom Feral Media sleeve with UV-printed artwork drawn by Robbie Karmel. Lush digital collages of bedroom instruments, field recordings and found sound, with the occasional vocal.
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Perfect Rice

Otiose Trio - Perfect Rice

Digital 2015

Rhys Butler - alto saxophone, Paul Heslin - computer, Reuben Ingall - computer. Live improvisation recorded 8th April 2015.
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Microwave Drone Ritual

Reuben Ingall - Microwave Drone Ritual

MWN022 cassette + digital 2015

These two pieces are medleys of excerpts from four live performances in 2014 in which I improvised drone / ambient / noise / soundscapes using a microwave + voice + meat pies + tomato sauce. Edition of 50 released on Moontown Records.
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350 km north west of here - July 2013 Gangbusters Live Show

Central West - 350km north west of here

Digital 2013

Recording of our first live show at Gangbusters on 13th July 2013. The band is Skye Gallagher, Paul Heslin, Reuben Ingall, Markus Whittaker, and Leon Twardy. Mixed by David Howe, live at the Polish Club. Minor post production done by Leon, Paul and Reuben.
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Reuben Ingall & Transmissions - Set/Past

Split cassette + digital 2012

Edition of 40 painted tapes in handmade sleeves - fabric designed and sewn by Effie Dee
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Reuben Ingall - Dealt

USB + download 2012

Sad guitar songs with glitchy manipulations.
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Eden Again

Reuben Ingall & Paul Heslin - Eden Again

Split VHS + Download 2011

Music made from sampling a homemade christian rock album, heavily processed - accompanied by music videos. Watch the music videos in this youtube playlist
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Summer of Spheres

Reuben Ingall - Summer of Spheres

live EP 2010/11

A few new songs, a cover, and an oldie, all recorded live. Cover art by Effie Dee.
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Dead DJ Joke - ARG NOO!

Mixtape 2010

Absurdist party mashups from the internet bargain bin of oblivion. Cover art by Effie Dee.
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don't give up

Reuben Ingall - don't give up


Glitchy+droney bedroom songs made primarily with guitar, voice and Pd patches.
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Lorax - Unless

Lorax - Unless

Demo 2009

Julian Ingall - guitar + vocals, Reuben Ingall - bass, Mitchell Goodfellow - drums.
Free download: zip of mp3s

YouTube Will Eat Itself

Reuben Ingall - YouTube Will Eat Itself

EP 2009

A concept EP - mashups/collages in various styles of popular music, composed entirely of audio ripped from Youtube videos.
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McClane - McClane

EP 2008

Crisp and heavy production on 7 minutes of new material, recorded by Sam King. Mastered by Kimmo Vennonen.
Check out a short music video for the track Proceed with Menace
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Reuben Ingall & Paul Heslin - Baby-Swap

Split CD 2008

Paul and Reuben exchanged cds of their work and allowed the other to choose four songs from their unreleased catalog.

4. destroy the locket

Inflatable Ingrid

Inflatable Ingrid - Inflatable Ingrid

EP 2008

The second and last EP, recorded in a hurry before our last shows. Limited to 100 copies. It was emotional.
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The air is thin...

Arse Like Titan - The air is thin...

EP 2008

... and with you talking it will only get thinner. Robbie Karmel played vacuum-cleaner and vocals which were vocoded and processed by Reuben. Each CD's sleeve features a unique artwork depicting oranges and lemons with watercolors, pencil, and thick white house-paint, by Karmel.

Worst Mix Evar

Dead DJ Joke - Worst Mix Evar

Mix 2007

Debut mix by Dead DJ Joke, combining some 50 tracks into a pop-hiphop-rock-breakcore-youtube-meme-silly-mashup-mixtape. Very Internet, mildy bad.

5. Tonight We Dine in Queanbeyan

Urgent! put this on right now!

Inflatable Ingrid - Urgent! put this on right now!

EP 2007

Debut EP. Six tracks of eclectic, raw-angsty, angry-poetic post-punk-rock. Recorded by Sam King. Mastered by Kimmo Vennonen. 500 copies manufactured by DualPlover.
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Push Start

McClane - Push Start

EP 2007

Debut EP by McClane. 8 minutes of thrash-hardcore-tech-punk-grind-metal indispersed with Die-Hard film samples. Recorded + mixed by Reuben Ingall. 100 copies sold out.
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Sevenen - Sucks

EP 2005

Five processed guitar-scapes, using a variety of guitars, tunings, effects, equipment and recording techniques.

2. mouddron

Ten minutes of your time

Sevenen - Ten minutes of your time

EP 2005

No-production-values first-take acoustic guitar pieces, marketing calls and shyness. Featuring lyrics+vocals by Paul Kelloway.

2. comfort food

The Persinstances

Sevenen - The Persinstances

EP 2004/05

Attention deficit noise / stunt-bike groove / college casio angst / sine marathon. Includes compositions from my college electronic music class.

2. tripgab

Feed The Aminals

Sevenen - Feed The Aminals

LP 2003

80 mins of random creation from yr 10 to 11, back when I owned fewer than a dozen albums. My most uninformed / original work perhaps.